About Us

Qaid Al Ardh Moden Projects is an Omani company established in 2011 and includes a group of companies under its umbrella specialized in the field of management consulting, financial and business, and oil and gas fields services of all kinds. As well as specializing in smart technology ... Due to what is happening now the acceleration and boom in the field of technology, the company decided to have a footprint in this area.

The staff are highly qualified and experienced to provide the best services along With the existing development using the latest contemporary techniques.

To be the pioneer in providing the best services and innovative technology solutions in addition to oil and gas.

To provide the highest quality with the lowest cost in different services.

To train and develop the local talented people and give them the necessary skills to work.

To share your idea and grant you an artistic masterpiece with professional neat touches.

Our customers are our partners in success.

Quality of work and customer satisfaction is our priority .

Quality + cooperation + transparency in the deal.

We are committed to innovation and providing the highest quality standards, and to give an artistic touch to your business.

Depart from the framework of the ordinary.

New ideas, artistic touches, a renewed creativity, dedicated proficiency , special prices, special offers and faster performance.

Our Exclusive Services

The latest and best technologies

Manufacturing software, solutions and technical systems according to the latest and best technologies, such as ERP, in a wide spectrum of critical areas such as:

Legal technical solutions

Banking technical solutions

Strategic technical solutions

Logistic technical solutions

Postal technical solutions

Mathematical technical solutions

Marketing technical solutions

Portable technical solutions

Administrative solutions

3D design and advertising

Multimedia marketing design

Design of 3D tutorials

Design exhibition stands

Educational design of museums and exhibitions

Educational and entertainment design

architectural design for mega projects

Digital printing and offset

Annual reports

Manufacturing CDs


Business cards

Printing of official papers

Manufacture of stamps



Books and magazines

Gifts, armor, T-shirts

Print envelopes of all sizes

Printing folders

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Sultanate Of Oman, Muscat